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A "unified" experience

Our service helps our community to feel empowered and to play its part in the future of fashion.

Empowering people to live happy, luxury lives.

What makes us special?

We are driving the revolution
in the fashion industry.

UM will be at your disposal to help you answer questions, queries, opinions or suggestions.

We will be at your disposal to help you manage refunds, deposits, collections, payments and any dispute that may arise from the use of our services through our Resolution Centre.


We promote “win-win”.

We take advantage of the possibilities offered by the digital medium and the union of people so that both parties are satisfied, offering dreams, good service and good experiences.


We generate a social impact.

UM trains and empowers everyone in the community to reinvent the industry that is capable of benefiting people and our planet.


You can easily make money with us in just 2 steps.

We protect your products.

The Partner Guarantee covers any adverse situations that may arise. We have the necessary measures to guarantee the security of the products advertised through the UM platform.