Find out how you can earn money or book products through UM

2 steps to make money.


Publish your ads for free and
choose how you want to share.

There are no financial barriers to entry.
Registration is free. Decide availability and
the price that applies to your products so
that users can make reservations.


Get your
money fast.

We send you the money by Paypal or
through any available method
once you have rented your product for the full time.

Find out how UM will protect its partners.


UM will enable the possibility of establishing a security deposit or pre-funding for each product as a requirement for accepting booking requests.

Our partner guarantee will cover you in case the products are damaged or lost.

4 Steps to reserve products.


Create an account and
verify your identity.

Registration is free. Verify your identity as a security measure so that you can accept your reservation requests.


Select dates.

Choose the duration of your rental and send the reservation request. You can customize your searches to find exactly what you want. The type of the product, your favorites designers or brands, prices, places, availability, etc…


Request sent and

Enjoy your reservation.
You will be sure to tag us on Instagram and share your experience on social networks.

We would love to see our community in action.


Return the product
and rate the experience.

Return the product of your reservation respecting the conditions and return deadlines. Once the delivery is confirmed in perfect condition, we will refund the product deposit to your account. Don’t forget to rate the experience and leave a comment.

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